The Termolux greenhouse is a development of the Multitunnel structure. In addition to the usual perimetral ventilation system, it has ridge vents that provide maximum ventilation.


This is a development of the classic tunnel model – it conserves the same shape but has a more accentuated pitch which forms a cusped arch and a load-bearing arch reinforced with special struts between the arch and the tie beam to guarantee improved load bearing of the structure and suspended loads in particular. Gutter heights of up to 5.00 m and over can be obtained, vents can be installed on the roof and the perimeter walls, it can be covered with simple or double plastic film with an air chamber and walls can be coated in plastic film, corrugated plastic or glass.


  • Modular supporting structure in steel profiles and steel pipes with ready-to-assemble elements. Anti-corrosion protection with galvanization. Static calculations in accordance with UNI-EN 13031-1 requirements.
  • Covering with single or double inflated polyethylene film.
  • Perimeter wall covering with plastic film, corrugated plastic or glass.
  • Ventilation vents on roof, hinged on the ridge with the opening on the gutters or halfway down the pitch.
  • Perimeter vents available on request, all types, manual or motorised.
  • Aluminium or galvanized steel frame doors.
  • Width of aisles: 9.60 m or 12,80 m
  • Span of columns: m 5,00 (m 2,50 on sides)
  • Gutter height: on request from 3.00 m to 5.00 m or higher
  • Roof vents: hinged on ridge, automatic motorized operation
  • Doors: width 2.50 m, height 3.00 m or higher

Agrotecniki – Xanthi Grecia – 13 ha

Al Rashid – Riad Arabia Saudita – 1 ha

Bonini Giulio e Figli – Veneri (PT) – 0,5 ha

Giambò Piante – Furnari (ME) – 3,2 ha

FlorGuarino – Scicli (RG) – 1,5 ha

Piante Faro – Carruba di riposto (CT) – 22 ha

Magnit – Krasnodar Russia – 23 ha