The latest development in film covered greenhouses. It has a load-bearing structure with horizontal beams which the support arches for the covering film and vents rest on.


This is the most complete, versatile version of plastic film covered greenhouse. The horizontal roof support beam helps to optimize the layout of all the internal installations. The double arch and the double vent for each aisle guarantee structural strength and good ventilation. Gutter heights of up to 5 m and over can be obtained, vents can be installed on the roof and the perimeter walls and it can be covered with simple or double plastic film with an air chamber.


  • Modular supporting structure in steel profiles and steel pipes with ready-to-assemble elements. Anti-corrosion protection with galvanization. Static calculations in accordance with UNI-EN 13031-1 requirements.
  • Central columns with pitch that is double that of the lateral ones (5 m), for better use of the space inside the greenhouse, further expanded by the wide span of the horizontal beam.
  • Covering with single or double inflated polyethylene film.
  • Perimeter wall covering with plastic film, corrugated plastic or glass.
  • Ventilation vents on roof, hinged on the ridge with the opening light on the gutters.
  • Perimeter vents available on request, all types, manual or motorised.
  • Aluminium or galvanized steel frame doors.
  • Width of aisles: m 9,60 or m 12,80
  • Span of columns: m 5,00 (m 2,50 on sides)
  • Gutter height: on request from 4.00 m to 5.00 m or higher
  • Roof vents: hinged on ridge, automatic motorized operation
  • Doors: width 2.50 m, height 3.00 m or higher

F.lli Santacroce s.s. – Pizzo Calabro (VV) – 5 ha

Floricoltura Marzola – Ferrara – 3,1 ha

Floricoltura F.lli Morotti – Capriolo (BS) – 1,2 ha

Red Fox Italia ss – Borgo Santa Maria (LT) – 1,1 ha