Unlike a conventional solar-powered greenhouse, in this type of greenhouse the photovoltaic modules are used as butterfly vents and the remaining surface of the roof pitches can be covered with sheets of glass and/or canvas/corrugated plastic to guarantee complete impermeability. This provides better ventilation at the back and increases its capacity to capture the solar energy available and electricity production by approximately 25% more than a conventional photovoltaic greenhouse with NORTH-SOUTH facing pitches.


The structure of the TEIA greenhouse has also been sized to obtain form ratios that limit the formation of shadow cones caused by opening vents on the first greenhouse on subsequent ones at certain times of the day.

This characteristic makes TEIA greenhouses suitable for use in multi-aisle greenhouses. Horticulture in this greenhouse is very similar to that of a normal greenhouse without solar panels since there is constant movement during the day time of areas of shadow on the crops.

This greenhouse is covered by the international patent no. PCT/IB2013/051982.

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