This is a glass greenhouse with flat beams and a roof with small flat pitches that provides excellent ventilation. Ideal for the installation of any type of system.

It provides large gutter heights (usable height) compared with relatively small total height.


This is a glass greenhouse with a roof structure with horizontal beams and small flat pitches.

Structure consisting of IPE beam or rectangular tube columns and lattice girders which allows any type of internal and external system to be installed including gutters and hanging pots. It is covered with 60, 72 or 80 cm wide sheets of glass. Figured glass or transparent float glass, normal or tempered, can be used.

It has large ridge and sidewall vents for ventilation. The type of vent on the roof with hinges on the gutters provides excellent ventilation.


  • Modular supporting structure in steel profiles with ready-to-assemble elements. Anti-corrosion protection with hot-dip galvanization. Static calculations in accordance with UNI-EN 13031-1 requirements.
  • Glass roof and covering, fixed to aluminium glass bearing profiles with Dutral cover plates or, if requested, galvanized steel profiles and PVC cover plates.
  • Continuous ridge and sidewall vents operated by rack and pinion gearmotors.
  • Aluminium frame doors
  • Width of aisles: 9.60 m and 12.80 m (on request from 6.40 m to 20.00 m)
  • Span of columns: m 3,732 or m 4,00
  • Gutter height: on request from 3.00 m to 5.00 m or higher
  • Ventilation vents: m 2,00
  • Pitch of roof: 40% (22°)
  • Doors: width 2.50 m, height 3.00 m

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