Solar-powered greenhouses and systems

With a view to paying increasing attention to developing renewable energy and focusing on the future, Artigianfer manufactures greenhouses with integrated systems involving the use of solar panels which are made by leading companies worldwide and directly collaborates with them to design new integration system models. The technical department collaborates with experts in photovoltaic systems, agronomists and industry specialists to obtain the best application and technical-economical results in the field. All systems can be certified by the relevant authorities both in Italy and abroad, and meet both the GSE directives and the regulations set forth by the reference IEC standards.

The company also designs and manufactures roofing, shelters and urban furniture that comply with GSE directives and have a modern, functional design. Greenhouses and structures with CSP systems are also being developed (with Fresnel lenses for solar concentration) with the aim of generating calories or cold energy (solar cooling) and naturally electricity, as well as all the new systems for generating power from biomasses and biogases by constructing different types and sizes of heating systems.