solar greenhouses

With a view to increasing attention to the development of renewable energy and with an eye to the future, Artigianfer realizes greenhouses with integrated systems that include the use of photovoltaic panels of the primary companies in the world by implementing a direct collaboration with them in order to design new models of systems integration.

The technical department is working with experts in photovoltaic systems, agronomists and specialists to get the best application and the best technical and economic results on the field.

All systems can be certified by the relevant authorities both in Italy and abroad, and are responsive to both GSE guidelines that the requirements stipulated in the reference standards.

The company also designs and manufactures canopies, shelters and street furniture in line with the GSE guidelines and characterized by a modern and functional design. You are developing life greenhouses and structures with type Fresnel lenses for concentrating solar CSP systems, directed to the production of calories or frigories (solar cooling) and of course electricity next to all new energy generation systems from bio mass or by producing bio gas power plants of various sizes and characteristics.