Research and development

Ever since it was first established, Artigianfer has been considered one of the most important producers at international level in the production and plant nursery greenhouse industry. In almost 50 years of history, the company has always kept pace with the times and has strived to keep up with the changing demands of its customers. From the early greenhouses of the 1950s, it has gone on to build increasingly more complex structures made with highly innovative materials.

Over a decade ago, Artigianfer entered the complex world of renewable energy and structures with a low environmental impact by attempting to develop energetically self-sufficient products and active producers of energy by installing solar panels on its own structures as well as offering other solutions. Any model in the AF range can be adapted to photovoltaic systems. Its technicians also work in the field of construction systems for photovoltaic-integrated roofs and solar panel fields.

The flagship solar-powered greenhouse model with roll ridge vents is the Teia Greenhouse which is capable of generating 25% more electricity than a fixed N-S system while maintaining the same GSP (Gross Saleable Product) as a conventional greenhouse. Recently, it has developed a new shade structure with a “Fresnel” type mirror roof called “Smartlux”. Both models have reached an advanced stage of the national and international patent process. In addition to solar energy, the company is also specializing in the production of energy using biomass plants and cogeneration plants with the new frontier of latest generation pyrogasification capable of burning waste materials produced in horticulture.

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