Artigianfer personnel consists of specialized personnel with a high level professional background. In order to implement their expertise, Artigianfer collaborates with external professionals including engineering studios, designers, agricultural experts, university research groups and companies with experience in the energy sector.
This team tackles every project with a precise procedure of analysis and draws up a plan that it has shared and discussed by developing systems and equipment used specifically in protected cultivation including:

  • Hot-air and hot-water soil and air heating
  • Irrigation and fertirrigation.
  • Cooling System.
  • Fog systems for humidity control.
  • Shade and thermal screens.
  • Blackout screens.
  • Artificial lighting.
  • Switchboards for manually or automatically operating and controlling any type of greenhouse system.
  • Electronic temperature, humidity, light, fertirrigation and CO2 fertilization regulators.
  • Fixed and moveable aluminium benches.
  • Computerized systems for integrated control of all greenhouse systems.
    Biomass cogeneration and heating systems and any plant design and installation solution for saving energy.
    Artigianfer offers its customers an important advantage – the guarantee you will have just one contact in every stage of pre- and after-sales.