Production greenhouses

The wide range of greenhouses that Artigianfer can produce is divided into two main categories:


Greenhouses made of steel/glass or steel/rigid plastic

Steel and glass or steel and rigid plastic greenhouses are ideal for any type of cultivation and designed for the installation of all types of air-conditioning and production systems. They are at the top of our production line: they are the most versatile, the sturdiest and the most suitable for being equipped with any type of system. Production is divided into different greenhouse models, each one with its own features. These are respectively: SFC, STO, FUTURA and VENLO, the most popular glass greenhouse in the world built entirely with a special aluminium kit designed by us. Each model has unique specifications making it suitable to meet the multiple needs of the modern farmer. This allows the company to constantly ensure maximum production versatility by adapting to the specific needs of its customers.

Plastic film greenhouses

Film greenhouses consisting of wooden or very light iron structures reduced to a bare minimum to protect early crops or other low value crops are no longer used. Today, our film greenhouses consist of structures carefully calculated to resist all types of load, especially the wind. They are cheaper than other greenhouses because the characteristics of the plastic film reduce the incidence of the structure which is not only an advantage in terms of costs but also in terms of light. Like the other models, these greenhouses can also be fitted with ventilation vents both on the roof and on the sides and can be equipped with any type of system, especially for growing vegetables and cut flowers. Production is broken down into different plastic film greenhouse models, each one with its own features. These are respectively: MULTITUNNEL, TERMOLUX, TERMOLUX HT and POLILUX.