Garden Center

Artigianfer considers garden centres to be fully fledged commercial centres for the sale of plants for indoors and outdoors as well as everything related to gardening, garden furniture and complementing any green area. With this in mind, a real garden project is developed together with the customers which takes into account all the laws and regulations that must be applied to obtain the necessary permits and the need to create a climate (light and temperature) that is ideal for both plants and people.

Artigianfer is also capable of catering for all customer demands. Our aim is to provide tailor-made solutions since we have the technical ability to offer a wide range of solutions. Artigianfer can install different types of wall with single or double glass as well as continuous facades.

Aggio Vivai – S. Cristina di Quinto (TV)

Bombardieri Giulio – Curnasco di Treviolo (BG)

Cooperativa Agricola Legnaia – Firenze

Floricoltua Tagliani Mauro – Codevilla (PV)

Garden Malquori – Poggibonsi (SI)

Garden Vivai Mediterranei – Albinia (GR)

GardenVille – Spinetta Marengo (AL)

Obiettivo Garden – Milano

Garden Hobbyflora – Roma

Minelli – Buonacompra di Cento (FE)

Mondo Verde – Taneto di Gattico (RE)

Scarpellini – Cesena (FC)