Artigianfer designs and installs equipment and installations for automatically monitoring greenhouses and the relevant air-conditioning systems. Our staff studies personalized solutions that are perfect for different types of use, which at times are for a niche market, with professionalism and expertise. We firmly believe that a company’s market partnership is the result of the choices it makes. Artigianfer is in a leading business position worldwide, with production exceeding that of its competition, thanks to the company’s ability to anticipate the future and the needs of farmers. Over time, the company has made a name for itself in the industry – especially as a technological innovator – because it has introduced truly state-of-the-art products on the market several times.

Some types of installation are listed below:

• Insulation, shading and blackout systems.
• Fixed and moveable benches.
• Hot-air and hot-water heating systems.
• Conventional and biomass-fuelled heating systems.
• Drip, overhead, flow and ebb, fog, etc. irrigation systems.
• Water systems with water treatment, recovery, etc.
• Cooling systems.
• Artificial lighting and photoperiodism.
• Switchboards and electrical installations.
• Computerized systems for climate and irrigation control.


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